An Alternative Approach

Eless are able to offer a unique service for Customers and Buyers with land that is available for sale with Environmental and / or Industrial Legacies across the site.   We are able to offer a full package of services in order to prepare and provide the required information for generating interest in the sale of the site and working with potential buyers to provide the required information to justify and warrant the purchase of the site.

Eless are underpinned by a major UK investment company and as well as preparing land for sale on behalf of Customers and Buyers we are also able to look at this as an investment / purchase opportunity and identify a suitable buyer.

In order to undertake this process we will conduct the following whether for ourselves or for our Customer’s / Buyers:-

  • All necessary surveys incl. Hazardous Materials, Asbestos, Site Services, Gas, Electricity, etc…
  • Feasibility Studies looking at potential for the land and costs and programme for decommissioning and demolition works as well as reviewing the potential credits from asset realisation across the site.
  • Due Diligence reports on the legalities of ownership, planning requirements and issues, financial elements, etc…

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