Technical Consultancy and Advisory Service

At Eless our Consultancy and Advisory Services are based on experience across the demolition and decommissioning marketplace, technical expertise and a passion for identifying the correct solution for our Customers.  We offer an insightful Consultancy and Advisory Service which is fully aligned to our Customers needs.  Our Consultancy and Advisory Services involve all facets of the decommissioning, dismantling, demolition and decontamination marketplace and can be broken down as follows:-


By undertaking all the required surveys and project due diligence we are able to look at the feasibility for undertaking works with your budgets in mind and advise of alternative ways to fund or undertake the project should the feasibility exercise not demonstrate a suitable way forward. Our Feasibility consultancy is also perfect for those looking to invest in land to develop where environmental legacies exist on the land to determine if the investment would be worthwhile.


We are able to consult and advise on all areas of the procurement of decommissioning, demolition, decontamination and dismantling projects including preparation of scope and specification and tender documents; identifying a suitable pre-qualified tender list; escorting contractors around the work areas; reviewing tender returns; tenderer interviews and presentations; advising on the final decision and preparation of appointment documents, etc…

Cost Consultancy

We will review the works and the associated costings and advise if the costings are in line with the works being undertaken. The costing of high hazard decommissioning works is a complex process with the decontamination costs, credit from both scrap and high value metals, realisation of assets and the labour and machinery costs. We have a complete knowledge in all of these areas and are able to visit site and determine metals types, weights, asset values, duration of works, decontamination costs, etc… to provide an accurate costing against the works being undertaken.


On attending site and reviewing the work areas we can review any methodologies submitted and / or underway to determine if this is the correct methodology for the works that are required. We can advise both the customer and the contractor on site on appropriate methodologies that provide an assurance of safety as well as an efficient process to complete the required works.

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