Adding Value

In many circumstances customers are unaware that the values within their liability can and will hold a large amount of value that will finance partially or in some circumstances fully fund there disinvestment obligations and desires.

Eless is an expert in recovering maximum asset value and returning it to our customers through the acquisition and re-sale of their surplus or redundant process plant equipment and machinery. It’s what sets our approach to decommissioning apart.

Dedicated to delivering the maximum return from safe redundant process plant, we create re-sale programmes tailored to your specific needs, marketing and selling of surplus plant inventory from single items of equipment to complete process plants.

Applying our decommissioning expertise we help you to identify and realise the value of redundant assets.

Our specialist process plant solutions division fully underwrites the project. We provide you with two guarantees: a minimum financial return on your redundant assets and a share of any revenues we achieve in excess of this value through a gain-share or overage agreement.

We free you from financial risk, enabling you to offset your returns on redundant process plant inventory against decommissioning costs – and even turn decommissioning into a major revenue opportunity.

Every item of decommissioned equipment – single machines, process units and entire plants – is marketed through our global network partners and shipped to buyers worldwide to achieve its best possible return.

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